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Osteopathy, simply put, is the belief in the body’s capability to heal itself. Through the integration of mental, physical, and emotional embodiment, the body’s structure is relative to the way it functions. The body is meant to be moved freely, with the awareness of how it moves, and to be without restrictions or pain. Intentional movement should be optimized in order for oneself to truly heal and to sincerely feel well. Osteopathy will be able to help an individual create space, awareness, and movement behaviour through joint and soft tissue manipulation to reduce pain and optimize the whole body. 

Osteopathy may help:

●  Acute/Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain

●  Tinnitus

●  Headaches/Migraines

●  Focus/Memory

●  Sleep Quality

●  Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

●  Concussion/Head Trauma

●  And much more!


Treatment may include:

●  Mobilization of joints and soft tissue as to create space and range of motion

●  Fascial release to relax the mind and body

●  Resistance training to strengthen the tissue

●  Creating awareness of how the body moves

●  Individualized movements for self care

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