Osteopathy, simply put, is the belief in the body’s capability to heal itself. Through the integration of mental, physical, and emotional embodiment, the body’s structure is relative to the way it functions. The body is meant to be moved freely, with the awareness of how it moves, and to be without restrictions or pain. Intentional movement should be optimized in order for oneself to truly heal and to sincerely feel well. Osteopathy will be able to help an individual create space, awareness, and movement behaviour through joint and soft tissue manipulation to reduce pain and optimize the whole body. 

Jeremy works with those dealing with post-concussion syndrome, sports-related injuries, individuals that have been in accidents, those that experience pain in their bodies from basic day-to-day tasks.

Jeremy Perkins works out of the ProActive Training Studio in a dedicated private treatment room. Jeremy is a certified Osteo, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness coach at ProActive training. He serves the community of Cambridge by offering an all-encompassing approach to wellness.  It all starts with the desire to be well!

Your Consultation includes manual therapy and a detailed assessment and discussion of your body’s movement, you will then work together with Jeremy to develop an appropriate treatment plan that will lead to optimizing the structure and function of your body.

Your next step is to book your consultation this week! Jeremy will be in contact with you upon booking.

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  • Expect a full assessment designed to collect as much information as possible to ensure you are being taken care of

  • Jeremy provides a high level of education, instruction, and demonstration at all times

  • Jeremy uses: hands-on manual therapy techniques, Theragun, muscle and joint manipulation, resistance bands and more

  • There is always an emphasis on movement quality at all times - functional training is our specialty 

  • Brain health, and concussion therapy sessions will be completed in a dimmed room with light music.

"Our goal is exactly the same as yours; to get you to move your body well, pain free"


 Thanks for checking out ProActive Training! We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding our various services. Also, if you would like to book a studio tour, feel free to send us a message by email. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

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